Performance Testing

Even in a growing all IP service environment, maintaining the standards of service quality and QoS observations remain challenging. Reaching a seamless, 24/7/365, standardized quality supervision across all technologies and services can be time-consuming.
This solution serves all technologies and services ensure highest quality and customer satisfaction across the newest (e.g. LTE and VoLTE) and even the oldest services offered (e.g. emergency services or USSD).
Reaching beyond the standards of 24/7/365 quality of service testing of network services, a range of solutions is available to give you full transparency on your subscribers’ Quality of Experience.
Easy integration of smartphones, data sticks, web testing and a dedicated data speed application for Android and Apple smartphones feed into the same SITE system architecture. This provides you a conclusive picture from QoS to true Quality of Experience (QoE) on real devices
Roaming is one of the key features of mobile services contributing significantly to the overall operator revenue. Nevertheless, dealing with hundreds of roaming partners or hubs and a large range of offered network services is time- and money-consuming.
GlobalRoamer is dedicated to this scope, providing you full control on all services from post- to prepaid QoS, Steering of Roaming, VLR Testing and ICQT. Distributed worldwide, it represents the world’s largest test infrastructure in place.
Call quality of international calls has degraded over the last years in contrast to the evolution of technology. Service quality differs greatly among international carriers with poor carrier quality leading to shorter calls, no call-back, false billing and thus customer dissatisfaction and loss of revenue.
Get a global perspective on interconnection service quality and maximize revenue by maintaining high levels of Quality of Service.
Rapid changes in networks technologies and the introduction of new infrastructure creates a challenging environment to identify solutions that can serve existing and new technologies at the same time.
The modular design of SITE allows you to exactly serve this requirement: service testing and monitoring via all radio technologies in all frequencies and core network testing via in 2G, 3G, 4G, fixed and IP, simulating the most essential service elements inside your network. All included in the very same solution: the SITE Test System.

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Operators are currently working with a number of different systems, with little or no linkage, to solve their need for reports, forecasting and business analysis. This entails a lot of manual work merging and updating data as well as maintaining a great number of internal reporting systems.
While expanding the roaming agreement coverage and handling negotiations and new partnerships, operators need to manage and maintain a huge amount of documents. These documents are subject to frequent modifications based on network evolution and agreement updates. Most roaming coordinators are keeping track of these documents in Excel and PDF files in a manual way which becomes inefficient and increases the risk of human errors
As a representative of RoamSmart in Africa, Intracom offers a smart roaming management application that stores, organizes and updates roaming documents making them easily accessible for end users.
Tailor-made for GSM/CDMA network providers, this solution has modules which offer business intelligence for the wholesale business, manage discount contracts and gives an insight on inbound roaming market share.
RoamSmart Suite offers  you:
Detailed view on ongoing Roaming Service Roll-out, SIM cards management and an organized database containing roaming partner information.
  • Provides roaming managers business intelligence on expected roaming revenues while tracking the performance
  • Real-time tracking of discount contracts with roaming partners and notifies the roaming manager on expiry of the discount contract
  • Business insight on inbound roaming market share, information useful during traffic negotiations
  • Outbound roaming fraud detection tools to quickly identify and stop roaming fraud
  • Operational efficiency and optimized process in the rollout activity
  • Discount Implementation management
  • Business Intelligence for accurate business forecasting, tracking and reporting
  • Deep Insight on the business : Traffic, Revenues, market share and steering performance
  • Fraud detection and near-real time alarming

Network Security for ISPs & Telecom

Intracom partners with ARBOR NETWORKS to offer you a solution that detects, analyzes and mitigates advanced threats to ensure service availability and improved network performance.

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Our caching solution is one of the best in class cache engine that stores popular content requested from your network, on a server locally.  Thereby, enabling customers deliver global content reliably at a reasonable cost while maintaining superior quality of experience.  This solution enables mobile operators deploy 4G LTE while assisting ISPs manage traffic growth on their existing networks