Professional Services

We are specialists in identifying the best IT applications to deliver on your business goals.  Following deployment, our engineers are on call to provide training and support to ensure seamless integration, increased productivity with little user intervention so that you can focus on your core business.

Installation & Integration

We integrate and install out of the box solutions developed by market leaders such as IBM, Oracle among others.

Through seamless integration of our technologies with pre-existing customer systems we effectively enable

customers to optimize operations, increase profit and assuring overall business success.

 Support & Maintenance

Fully managed service packages accompany all solutions offered by Intracom.  Each is assigned a Projects/Support engineer who ensure immediate response to customer queries at any stage of software life cycle.

Awards & Certifications

Gold Project Engineering Award 2013
Keynote Sigos Top Partner Award 2014
Keynote Sigos Top Partner Award 2013
Gold Project Engineering Award 2013