Intracom partners with world technology partners to deliver cutting edge technologies that translate into real operating benefits for our customers.
Our alliances are built on daily proximity, providing our teams with a high level of expertise on partner technologies combined with our service capabilities to guarantee enhanced business efficiency and growth.

SIGOS is the worldwide leader in automated end-to-end active testing and Fraud Detection of telecommunication networks and services.

PeerApp provides mobile, telco and cable operators an open content delivery platform that boosts their networks to deliver OTT content to end-customers with high QoE and efficiency.

RoamSmart is one of the world pioneers in providing innovative Roaming and Big Data Solutions to Mobile Operators.

Arbor Networks secures the world’s most demanding and complex networks from DDoS and advanced threats.

Keynote is the global leader in cloud–based testing, monitoring and analytics for mobile and web, optimizing the value of every digital interaction, enhancing user experience and driving business value through online performance.

Buzzinbees’s simplifies the SIM card life cycle by associating phone numbers and service packages directly with the SIM when subscribers first use their phones.