Intracom partners with ARBOR NETWORKS to offer you a solution that detects, analyzes and mitigates advanced threats to ensure service availability and improved network performance.


Service Providers now aim to:

Ensure service availability 24/7 – detect and mitigate service availability threats such as DDoS in order to secure network operations and infrastructure.

  • Have visibilities into network performance, applications and IP services – insight into critical network-based operations and components such as routers, IP flow, IPv6 and application-layer data so as to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Improve traffic engineering, capacity planning and peering to allow better visibility into traffic as it enters and leaves the network to help in decision making about traffic engineering, capacity planning and peering relationships.
  • Increase revenue through managed services by offering customers managed services around “clean pipes” DDoS protection and MPLS VPN visibility.


Peakflow offers proven DDoS protection and broad network visibility. It is flexible and scalable, and it comprises two powerful tools: Peakflow SP and Peakflow SP Threat Management.

Peakflow SP (Service Provider) Solution

This solution delivers network visibility and actionable intelligence so you can proactively secure your network services, improve network performance and reduce costs.

Key Features Include:
  • Comprehensive DDoS Detection and Analysis
  • Application-Layer Intelligence and Protection – secure and manage critical business applications such as voice, video, data, messaging, file sharing, Web, email.
  • Intelligent Traffic Engineering – make timely and informed decisions about routing, transit, partners, customers and quality of service.
  • Flexible Licensing and Virtual Deployments – independent platform and software licenses, support for virtual machines

Peakflow SP Threat Management System

Peakflow SP Threat Management System surgically removes DDoS attack traffic from your network without disrupting key network services.
With comprehensive, real-time visibility into your network applications you can proactively monitor and maintain your service performance.

Key Features Include:

  • Advanced, Automated DDoS Threat Detection and Mitigation – Automated and proven system that works to keep your network and services up 24/7.
    Service Visibility – early threat identification for a more effective and efficient response.
  • Superior Performance – monitor key network performance statistics such as jitter, latency, network round-trip times and delay or packet loss to help you keep services running at the highest possible levels.
  • Profitable, In-Cloud Managed Service Offerings – offer your customers cloud-based, differentiated managed security services such as MPLS VPN visibility and DDoS protection.