Today, organizations are faced with several security challenges that include;

1.Protecting critical service availability – ensuring availability of Internet-facing business applications, such as Web, e-commerce, email, etc.
2.Gaining insight into evolving internet-borne threats – visibility into emerging Internet threats from around the world equipping them with up-to-date intelligence necessary to protect the company’s network.
3.Detecting and mitigating advanced and insider threats – protect the company’s intellectual property and trade secrets from theft or loss caused by advanced network threats or internal network misuse / abuse.
4.Gaining insight and control over cloud-based services – better visibility into and control over the security of cloud-based applications and services.
5.Concern about threats lurking on the network – quickly discover when, where and how advanced targeted attacks got their network and what they’ve done.

INTRACOM partners with ARBOR NETWORKS to provide you with comprehensive solutions that provide internal network visibility, actionable intelligence and mitigation capabilities your organization needs to detect and block DDoS, insider and other malicious threats; meet evolving compliance requirements; and stay ahead of the hacktivist curve

APS (Availability Protection System)

DDoS attacks are not only a threat to retailers, financial services and gaming companies. These attacks also target mission critical business applications that your organization relies on to manage daily operations, such as email, salesforce automation, CRM and many others.
Our solution will enable your IT and security teams to see, understand and stop DDoS and external advanced targeted attacks before they impact your business.

Key Features of APS

  1. Custom Protection with Immediate/ Automatic Blocking – immediate protection from application-layer DDoS attacks that threaten service and application availability.
  2. Little to no user interaction required, lessening the burden on your security team.
  3. Combined On-Premise and Cloud-Based DDoS Protection – This tight integration is the best way to ensure the availability of critical network resources.
  4. Real-Time Reporting and Forensics – in-depth, real-time attack reports with forensics detailing blocked hosts, origin countries of attacks and historic trends.

NSI (Network Security Intelligence)

Our solution will enable your IT and security teams to have internal network visibility, real-time threat detection and actionable intelligence to strengthen your network security and operations.

Key Features of NSI
  1. Built – in Application Intelligence – network visibility to the application layer giving you actionable insight into the behavior of more than 100 types of network applications and traffic.
  2. Effective incident Response – our solution is fast alerting of security events, as well as critical details about the attack that enable comprehensive incident response.
  3. Simplified forensics and compliance – The real-time and historical reporting capabilities to track all network conversations, easing the burden of compliance.
    Reduced costs through virtualization