Who we are

Intracom is a Pan African Information Communication and Technological (ICT) company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. We enable our customers run their enterprise by planning, supplying, integrating and managing their ICT requirements.

We make IT work through strategic partnerships, in-depth knowledge and passion

What we do

As systems integrators and value added resellers, our key objective is to support the IT requirements of organizations that aspire to leverage on technology to manage and optimize their day to day operations. Through the integration of world class ICT solutions combined with our own service and technical support capabilities we  guarantee increased business performance, revenue and market dominance for our customers.

Our solutions challenge our customers to re-imagine the transformation of their enterprise, enabling new levels of productivity and performance while in some instances enhancing their existing technological platforms, irrespective of their size.

We continually anticipate the needs of our customers; strategically create vendor partnerships and thereafter deploy and maintain these solutions in our customer environments. Through doing this, Intracom has in the last 5 years built an impressive catalog of cutting edge ICT solutions and supported an enviable list of top companies in Africa.

“We guarantee the best technological solution that will deliver best results constantly”

Awards & Certifications

Gold Project Engineering Award 2013
Keynote Sigos Top Partner Award 2014
Keynote Sigos Top Partner Award 2013
Gold Project Engineering Award 2013


Intracom partners with world technology partners to deliver cutting edge
technologies that translate into real operating benefits for our customers.

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