Our caching solution is one of the best in class cache engine that stores popular content requested from your network, on a server locally. Thereby, enabling customers deliver global content reliably at a reasonable cost while maintaining superior quality of experience.  This solution enables mobile operators deploy 4G LTE while assisting ISPs manage traffic growth on their existing networks.
Our Caching solutions will guarantee you
  • Reduced transit bandwidth costs by between (35 – 75%)
  • Enhanced Quality of Experience (QoE) by accelerating content (7x to more than 100x)
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  •  Control and monetize “Over the Top” rich media content
  • Improve network operators efficiency
Business Benefits
  • Improved Quality of Experience: Caching solution guarantees improvements in download speeds of between 5x and 15x, depending on the speed of the access network. File downloads can also be completed in only 10%-20% of the time it would take to download over an uncached internet connection.
  • Bandwidth savings: Depending on the characteristics of your traffic, the UltraBand™ can generate between 30% and 70% additional “virtual” bandwidth to your customers. This means that with only a 1Gb transit link you can deliver an effective bandwidth of 1.3 to 1.7 Gbps without having to purchase any additional transit capacity. In addition to savings on actual bandwidth, you will also be able to defer the infrastructure costs, power and cooling associated with adding circuits to the network.

Improved Network Efficiency: The UltraBand™ platform is a fully automated, intelligent cache that uses PeerApp’s patented packet inspection algorithm to automatically detect cacheable traffic and ignore non-cacheable traffic.  Therefore it does not require complicated routing changes or constant updates to BGP tables in order to reroute traffic to the cache.